Interactive video is the future of video

We believe interactive video is the future of video. Whether it’s animated, recorded in 360⁰, a Virtual Reality video or any other type ….. people prefer to watch video at their own pace. Skip trunks, fast forward or go back to that goosebump moment.

Life is interactive, the internet is interactive, and so video should be interactive as well!

Ahead of the game with interactive video

If you are a marketer and curious what your future clients want from you, take a look at this video. Interactive video can already fulfil a lot of these demands.
Wat willen je klanten binnenkort

We produce 3 types of interactive video

Interactive video exist mainly in 3 tastes.

The “traditional video” is called: Lineair video. The only interaction possible is play / pauze, fast forward and rewind.

Dynamic lineair video

The “traditional video” with personalized elements. We connect data and video and personalize the video. Thus delivering a higher level of service by making the video tailored to their needs. And unique. This is what we call: Smart Video.

Interactive video, with content loops on demand

Video enhanced with interaction. The video is no longer lineair because the content and course of the video is determined by the input of the viewer. The viewer is actively involved. And instead of leaning backwards to watch he leans forward to engage with your message.

Dynamic interactive video

A personalized video with interaction. This is what we call: Smart, interactive video. The ultimate experience to involve people and drive engagement.

Dutch based interactive video company

We are based in the Netherlands and focus is on our homemarket. That doesn't mean we stick to video in Dutch language. We do make video's in English and also produce multilingual video's on a regular basis.

Please drop us a note or call: +31 6 24550824

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